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ICA中断与AKB的合作 并解散AKB基金会

时间:2019-09-16 00:56:11   作者:国际共识协会(ICA)   来源:国际共识协会(ICA)   阅读:6304   评论:0
内容摘要:ICA Discontinues Relationship with AKBAnd Dissolves the AKB FoundationThe International Consensus Association (ICA) announces that it has di......

ICA Discontinues Relationship with AKB

And Dissolves the AKB Foundation


The International Consensus Association (ICA) announces that it has discontinued its relationship with Asterism Kernel Blockchain (AKB) and is no longer working with the AKB project team. ICA also announces that it has dissolved the AKB Foundation, which ICA established on 12 July 2019.

AKB must immediately discontinue the use of the ICA name and cease all affiliation with ICA and its officers. AKB must further remove the name of ICA and ICA’s officers from all of AKB’s materials, including but not limited to AKB-related summaries and one-pagers, white papers, press releases, business plans, presentations, webpages, and applications. ICA hopes that AKB will work productively with its other partners and resolve quickly any issues so that all organizations can continue to promote advances in the growing blockchain community.

Since its inception, ICA has assisted in the successful financing and implementation of dozens of reputable and high-performing blockchain projects around the world. Blockchain technologies offer breakthrough solutions based on its decentralization, transparency, and immutability.






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